If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step,
you know it’s not your path
Your own path you make with every step you take.
That’s why it’s your path.”
~ Joseph Campbell

The greatest tool for me has been the expansion of my yearly touchstone into becoming a container for a group of deeply personal phrases. Together they make up the energetic package of my yearly touchstone.



L  Living Lusciously

I  Intention


 Home of My HeArt

T  Thriving

T  Transformation

H  Home of My HeArt

R  Radiant & Renewed

I   Intend & Ignite

V  Vibrant

E  Embracing Change

Here is a sampling to spur your imagination. Some are mine; others have been shared by friends and colleagues.

A Accessing Untapped Potential
Aging is Optional
Aligning with My Vision and Values
Alignment and Purposeful Action
Artist in Action
Artful Consistent Action
B Beauty • Bounty • Bliss
Beauty of the Work
Best Parts of Ourselves
Big Picture
Bold Brave Decisions
Breaking Through Limits
Breathe Deeply
C Cabinet of Curiosities
Choose (xxx)
Clear, Calm & Centered
Clear Channel
Collision of Beauty and Joy
Consistent Creative Practice
Cracked Open to Joy and Delight
Creative Collective
Creative Fire
D Daily Deliberate Choices
Daily Practice
Daily Rhythm
Deep Connection
Deepest Soul Yearnings
Digging In
E Envisioning Expansively
Expressing My Gifts & Talents
Emerging Artistry
Enlightened Energy
Exploration and Discovery
F Facing Forward
Feed and Nurture
Following My Truth
Full Flight
G Grace and Ingenuity
Getting Unstuck
Gorgeous & Graceful
Glowing With Grace & Gratitude
Grit + Grace
H Having What I Want is OK
Home of My HeART
I Illuminated Intuition
Igniting Creativity
Inner Goddess of Beauty and Self-Love
Inspired by …
Inspiring Curiosity and Wonder
Intend and Ignite
Inventory • Insight • Integration
Inviting Abundance
Inviting in Love and Pleasure 
J  Joy of Simple Things
Joyful juiciness
K Keeping The Magic Alive
Knowing My Worth
L Leap of Faith
Lighting The Path
Linger and Connect
Living Awake and Aware
Living Lusciously
Living Prayer
Love and Light
Lunging Towards My Dreams
M Maker and Creator
Making Magic Happen with Grace, Elegance and a Touch of Messy
Masterful Magical Manifesting
More, Please
Morning Walk
N Nourishing now
Nurturing nesting
O Owning My Beauty
Owning My Power
P Pause & Appreciate
Positive Self-Talk
Profound Fulfillment
Prospering Pleasurably & Plentifully
Putting Me First
Q Queen of My World

Radiant and Renewed
Raw, Risky and Fueled by Passion
Reach, Stretch, Dream
Ready for Change
Recreation and Renewal
Resplendent Renaissance
Rest and Replenishment
Restoration and Reflection
Right Action

S Say Yes to the Impossible
Shifting into Alignment
Show Up
Slow and Steady
Slow Down and Simplify
Small Daily Imperfect Actions
Small Steps and Synchronicities
Stepping into the Unknown
Student of Well-Being
Supportive Self-Care
T This or Something Better
Trusting My Desires
Turning on the Lights
U  Unblocking • Unlocking • Unsticking • Unleashing
Unfold the Miracle of …
Upward Spiral of Awesomeness
V  Voyage of Discovery
W Warp and Weft
Where The Magic Is
Wild Abandon
Wildly Blessed
Wildly Wickedly Wonderful
Woman-ing Up
Womanly Arts
X  X marks the spot
Y  Yummy yesses
Z Zeroing In on What I Want